Monday, March 15, 2010

Mission Statement...

I am a young, corporate-America employee who is trying her darnedest to avoid plunging deeper into the rat race that is often mislabeled "the American Dream."  I will admit that shortly after graduating college and after a few years at my first "big kid job," I got sucked in and plunked down a nice chunk-o-change on my very first house.  Don't get me wrong...I have an amazing home, and I love the people I share it with (ok...the person I share it with...unless you want to count the animals as people too, and I do...), but sometimes I wish we had the option to say "I don't want to live here anymore...let's move!"

...not that I've felt the desire to move during these last three years, nor have I ever been the type to move on a whim, but it'd be nice to have a viable, no-holds-barred escape plan...

Anywho, the purpose of this blog, or my Mission Statement, if you will, is to help my fiance and me avoid any further rat-race pitfalls by making the most of our hard-earned cash.  (As my mom always says:  "It's your worked hard for it...don't let anyone else just have it."  Gotta love the pearls of wisdom from my dear ol' ma!!)

I have come up with the theory that the kitchen--and it's corporate cousin (go figure) the grocery store--are the absolute best places to start!  May sound crazy at first glance, but I refuse to believe we're the only household whose second-largest expense (the first being our lovely house, of course :-) went towards groceries or eating out.  My theory encroaches on almost all facets of life, but no need to give away all of my hard-gleaned knowledge just yet...

I haven't figured out exactly how I'm going to incorporate all of the info that's floating around in my melon, but I know it all fits together somehow...I just need to jump in and let it figure itself out, I suppose.  Some of the things I hope to cover:  weekly grocery sales, coupons, price points, meal planning (including stocking my pantry, having "starters" or entire meals pre-made in the fridge/freezer, ingredient stretching, nutritional info, etc.), keeping a clean(er) house...and most importantly, how to do all this on a full schedule!  My hope for myself is that by the time we start having kids, these things will be second nature to me.  I'm definitely the type who gets overwhelmed when there's too many "new" things going on at once, so I've learned to plan ahead.

Hope you enjoy the ride!  :-)

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  1. I can't wait to read your posts! I've been on a similar discovery myself, so we'll have to swap tips.